Andrija Štampar – “Man of Action”

Andrija Štampar is a very influential figure in medicine here in the Balkans.  He was a famous Croatian doctor who played a major role in forming the healthcare systems here and in other parts of the world.  He founded the School of Public Health in Zagreb in 1927, and was the president at the founding of the World Health Organization in 1946 (First World Health Assembly).  Find out more:


Andrija Štampar’s 10 Principles of Public Health and Social Medicine

1.  Informing the public is more important than the law.

2.  It is crucial to prepare the terrain and help shape correct opinions on health issues in communities.

3.  Everyone, regardless of position, should participate in issues of public health and work to improve it.

4.  Social therapy is more important than individual therapy.

5.  A physician should not be financially dependent on a patient.

6.  No differences should be made between the economically strong and economically weak.  (egalitarianism)

7.  When organizing healthcare, the physician should seek out the patient, not vice verse, so as to reach all those in need of care.

8.  The physician should be a teacher (to the public).

9.  Questions of public health are of greater economic than humanitarian concern.

10.  The place of greatest influence of the physician is in the community, not the office.


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